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Who we are & what we do

Based in Kabul Afghanistan,we are in the business of Armored vehicles leasing, General supply contracting, Construction contracting, logistics, Life support, Electronics supply, IT solutions, Furniture supply, Office supply & Households and Security. The company was duly formed in February 2002 in Afghanistan with an approach of "Client Satisfaction is the found success" and is always keen to start more operations.

Together with our International partners, our strengths are: Import and Export of Equipment in low cost, advanced distribution, network solutions, IT Solutions, training facilities, vehicle sale / leasing &house leasing, transportation, construction contracting, fuels and gas supplies, capacity enhancement and training to ensure that the technical work is performed unhindered.

We intend to become the leading service suppliers to government, private businesses and a special leader for community. Once the network is fully operational and becomes revenue generating, we would incorporate and train talented local personnel to further expand the company and increase the services offered. We intend to involve entrepreneurs, from all over Afghanistan, to share in our vision regardless of their ethnic background.

We are building from the ground up, making the foundations solid to secure a prosperous and inclusive future for the business and the people of Afghanistan.

Over the years, BM Group has executed many of the prestigious projects in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, for various Government and private clients, most particularly contracts from Camp Egger's & Camp Phoenix, Textile for Ministry of Public Health, Firewood for the Ministry of Defense, Furniture for Ministry of Interior, Automotive repair parts for the Ministry of Defense, Orthopedic supplies for the Ministry of Health, Diesel Generators for the Ministry of Defense, etc.

BM Group emphasizes on Quality than Quantity as the main objective for all its endeavors and gained confidence in full trust in the market for its commitment, achievement with high degree of professional approach with quality requirements.

BM Group emphasizes on Quality than Quantity as the main objective for all its endeavors and gained confidence in full trust in the market for its commitment, achievement with high degree of professional approach with quality requirements.

Our Mission:

The management of BM group is committed to provide customers with the best quality products and services in the above-mentioned fields of operations. Our mission is to ensure total satisfaction of our customers through continual improvement of our services dedicated in achieving and maintaining excellence in all aspects of our activities. Thus, we recognize and accept the responsibility to:

  • Meet and exceed our client's expectations the first time and every time. Control the hazards and risks posed by our activities and operations to our employees, clients, visitors and other third parties.

  • Operate without causing any adverse impact to the environment. Ensure total customer satisfaction by providing best quality products and services along with the efficient and timely delivery of the same. Streamline and continuously improve our processes in order to meet and exceed our client's requirements.

  • Train our employees so as to equip them with the necessary tools to perform their tasks safely, efficiently and competently. Comply with all applicable legal requirements and improve our occupational health and safety performance by providing a safe and secure work environment to our employees, clients and other third parties through the control of hazards and risks.

  • Protect the environment and that of the communities where we work by preventing pollution, controlling adverse environmental impacts and adhering to the legal and other requirements that relate to our environmental aspects.

  • Message from Chairman

    Our vision and commitment to delivering a quality end product is fundamental to how we approach our projects and has significantly contributed to the growth of our Group. We clearly recognize our success has been achieved through the outstanding contribution from every member of our professional, experienced and motivated Team. We have the ambition and determination to drive for expansion and diversify our services, ensuring we provide outstanding customer satisfaction, coupled with the trust and integrity, which is core to the BM Group values.

  • Message from CEO

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Clients, Partners and Customers for the trust and support placed in us over the past years. Our long term partnerships are the basis of our success.Mutual trust and respect, integrity, and appreciation of the entire Team is what makes us stand apart from other companies and guarantee's the long term growth and success of the Group.


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